Time for Yankee Offense to Wake Up

Welcome back to Yankees Truth.

We took a few weeks off to get over the sting of the NY Rangers losing the Stanley Cup, and now it’s time for us to return with a vengeance.

The Yankees are in trouble.  They haven’t been hitting well enough to win games.  None of the starters are hitting .300.  Brian McCann is awful, but no one is stepping up to replace him.  Beltran has a few memorable clutch hits, but nothing more.  Joe Girardi uses the same batting order, more or less, instead of trying something new.

It’s all adding up to bad news for NYY.

The pitching staff hasn’t been stellar this year either, but they’re doing what they can.  Losing Sabathia and Pineda has hurt, but lately it’s been the batters who are letting us down.

It’s not too late.  That is great news.

We just got swept by Tampa, but we’re still well ahead of them in the standings.  Boston won’t recover from its slow start.  The Orioles are not for real  Toronto is our only challenge in the AL East, and they are within striking distance.  If…

The NYY must start winning a few more.  We don’t need a 10-game winning streak (that would be nice, but maybe unrealistic).  We’ll settle for a few series wins and a sweep thrown in.