Clueless Joe Girardi Hands Yet Another Free Victory to an Opponent

In a Thursday afternoon game, Joey G. made the same two mistakes he makes over and over and over again, and of course it cost the Yankees another victory.

  • It’s sad when Girardi makes the same mistakes.
  • It’s frustrating that he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.
  • It’s infuriating that the Steinbrenner family doesn’t make him pay for his mistakes.

Mistake #1.  As usual, Girardi benched a Continue reading

Simplicity is Helping the Yanks Win

There are two simple reasons that the Yanks are on a hot streak.

1  Girardi allows his starting pitchers to stay in the game: Yankees win.
2  Girardi lets his leading batter (Ichiro) play: Yankees win.

Girardi gets creative and over-manages: Yankees lose.   It truly is that simple.

We implore Girardi to keep using the same lineup nightly. It works! Ichiro is quickly approaching a .300 average.  All you Yankees Truth haters who say that Ichiro is no longer an everyday player can go jump on the BoSox bandwagon.   He has the highest average on the team, whether you like him or not.

Yanks on the Verge of Missing the Playoffs again as Girardi Continues to help the Opponents

In Wednesday night’s loss to the Baltimore Orioles, pitcher Michael Pineda was throwing a gem.   Five innings.  Only 2 hits.  Our starter was throwing a two-hitter.   Just in case you didn’t understand, we repeat that our pitcher was in the middle of a two-hitter gem of a game.

So what happened next?  His manager benched him.

Clueless Joe’s decisions continue to strike out and give free victories to our opponents.

Clueless Joey G continues to bench players who are playing outstanding baseball.   He’s been doing it all year long, and it’s Continue reading

Yankees Bats Go Silent on Saturday

Getting shut out is a terrible feeling.  But getting shut out by a sub-500 team like Cleveland?  Embarrassing.   Let’s hope the Yanks respond with a great game Sunday to make up for this.

Not much to blame Girardi for in this loss.  The bats just weren’t there today.  Let’s forgive, forget, and move on.  Hopefully, we’ll get a laugher tomorrow.