Clueless Joe Girardi Benches His Pitcher in the Middle of a 2-Hitter as Yankees Lose Again Because of Girardi

Chris Capuano was pitching a gem Monday night, shutting out the Tampa Bay Rays and giving up only two hits.  Two.

Every other manager in MLB would leave their pitcher in.  But Joey Girardi decided to bench his pitcher.  Why on earth would a manger bench a pitcher in the middle of a gem?   It’s a question with no answer.  But unfortunately,  Yankee fans have had to endure this for several years now.

Clueeless Joe Girardi of the New York Yankees

Trivia: Name the only manager in MLB history who consistently benches his pitchers in the middle of a 2-hitter?

Clueless Joe has got to go.

In the meantime, Brett Gardner had another 0-for, but Giurardi continues to start him AND bat him second.   Meanwhile, Ichiro has the Continue reading

Clueless Joe Girardi Makes Sames Mistakes Again and Hands a Free Victory to the Orioles

Girardi refuses to let his team’s leading batter play (Ichiro Suzuki has the highest average on the team), and the Yankees lose.

Girardi benches David Robertson in the 11th, even though Robertson was pitching excellent ball.  And the Yankees lose.

It is sad to see Girardi make these mistakes.

We now live in an upside-down bizarre world where managers bench a guy in the middle of a two-hitter.

Joey G’s logic is upside down..

But it is infuriating that he makes the SAME MISTAKES continually.  What does Ichiro have to do to get into the lineup?

Yankees Have 3 Weeks to Turn this Around

Every once in a while, we at Yankees truth don’t blame Joe Girardi for a loss.

In Tuesday’s game vs. Tampa, Girardi handled his pitching staff well, which is something he hasn’t done all year.  In addition, he allowed his team’s leading hitter to play.  Ichiro rewarded him by going 2-for-3 and increased his batting average to nearly .290.  Ichiro has the highest average on the team.  Period.  He should be playing daily and he should be leading off, not batting seventh or eighth.

What say you guys?

Girardi FINALLY lets Ichiro Start and the Yankees Win–Imagine That

As our regular readers know, Joe Girardi is the only manager in baseball history who does not let his team’s leading batter play.

Ichiro has the highest average on the team, but his manager doesn’t let him play.


When Ichiro starts, the Yankees win.   He rarely takes a “0-for.”  He is feared by opposing pitchers.  He is still a great hitter, with an average nearing .300.   But his manager prefers to keep him on the bench.

Even when Ichiro contributes to victories, Girardi benches him.  Why why why why why? The proof came (again) Wednesday night.   Ichiro started; Yankees won.   It’s that simple, folks.