Clueless Joey G Continues his Losing Ways

When considering which Yankees are killing their own team the worst lately, it’s hard to choose between Chase Headley or Tyler Clippard.

However, the one thing it’s not hard to choose is who is at fault:   As usual, the answer is that clueless dunce who calls himself our manager:   The Oaf Joe Girardi.

Ronald Torreyes is approaching a BA of .300, while Chase Headley continues to slide toward .190.  And yet the dunce Girardi will not bench Headley.  No matter how many rallies he kills, he gets to play.

Tyler Clippard continues to throw BP to the opponents, and Girardi won’t bench him either.

At the same time, when we have the lead in extra innings, the dolt Girardi benches Dellin Betances, in favor of some guy named Giovanni something or other.  Needless to say, we lost.

I don’t blame players when they suck.  I blame the manager who doesn’t realize it.