Clueless Joe Girardi Benches His Pitcher in the Middle of a 2-Hitter as Yankees Lose Again Because of Girardi

Chris Capuano was pitching a gem Monday night, shutting out the Tampa Bay Rays and giving up only two hits.  Two.

Every other manager in MLB would leave their pitcher in.  But Joey Girardi decided to bench his pitcher.  Why on earth would a manger bench a pitcher in the middle of a gem?   It’s a question with no answer.  But unfortunately,  Yankee fans have had to endure this for several years now.

Clueeless Joe Girardi of the New York Yankees

Trivia: Name the only manager in MLB history who consistently benches his pitchers in the middle of a 2-hitter?

Clueless Joe has got to go.

In the meantime, Brett Gardner had another 0-for, but Giurardi continues to start him AND bat him second.   Meanwhile, Ichiro has the highest batting average on the team, and Girardi either doesn’t allow Ichiro to play or else he wastes him batting 7th or 8th.  Clueless management by Girardi. He is the pits.

Girardi continues to think that Shawn Kelley is a good pitcher.  Girardi might be the only one.  Kelley has LOST SIX GAMES…in relief!  Do you realize how hard it is for a RELIEVER to lose six games.   That means at least 6 times he came into a tie game, or a game in which he had the lead.  And he blew it.  Just like his manager blew it.

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