Clueless Joe Girardi Hands Yet Another Free Victory to an Opponent

In a Thursday afternoon game, Joey G. made the same two mistakes he makes over and over and over again, and of course it cost the Yankees another victory.

  • It’s sad when Girardi makes the same mistakes.
  • It’s frustrating that he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.
  • It’s infuriating that the Steinbrenner family doesn’t make him pay for his mistakes.

Mistake #1.  As usual, Girardi benched a pitcher who was doing well.  Kuroda only gave up 4 hits in 7 innings.  He was throwing a gem, and Girardi bench him anyway.   You do not not not not not ever remove  pitcher who is doing well.  But Girardi does.

Girardi actually got away with that one.  Betances came in and did great.   He struck out 2 of the 3 Tigers he faced, and the third Tiger grounded out weakly.  Betances was on fire and was doing great.  His reward?  Girardi benched him.

Girardi played with fire twice, and this time Shawn Kelly and his lousy 4.60 ERA cost us the game.   Kelly is now 2-4 and sho0uld not be in the major leagues.


Mistake #2.  Girardi refuses to let his leading hitter play.   Ichiro is quickly approaching .300, and he’s shutting up all you YankeesTruth naysayers who claim he is washed up.  Ichiro is the team’s leading hitter, but his manager will not let him play.  Meanwhile, Brett Gardner goes 0-for-3 again and gets to be in the lineup.

Is there another manager in baseball history who does not let the highest average on his team play?

5 thoughts on “Clueless Joe Girardi Hands Yet Another Free Victory to an Opponent”

  1. Does Girardi play all 8 infield positions and pitch? Then maybe put the blame on your antiquated rust buckets that take the field every day and can’t hit their way out of a wet paper bag or pitch effectivly.

    Face it, the dynasty is over. Jeter is gone after this year so at least we don’t have to kowtow to him any more, at least you have ARoid back next year.

    it was a nice run, but money doesn’t buy championships any more.

    1. Gene,
      I see your point, but I’d rather have an effective Kuroda pitch the 8th, and then bring in Betances for 9 and 10.

    2. Gene, it is still a mistake to remove Kuroda. Yes, in this case Betances did well and Girardi got away with his mistake. But getting away with a mistake doesn’t mean it was right.

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