Clueless Joe Girardi manages Yankees to yet another loss

That human piece of garbage Joe Girardi is the only man on the face of the earth who believes that Kirby Yates (Who!!!???) is a better pitcher than Aroldis Chapman.

As soon as the umpires suspended the game Monday night, every Yankee fan knew the outcome.

We didn’t just know that we’d lose; we actually knew how…

Joe Girardi would bench Aroldis Chapman and bring in some ham-and-egger pitcher to blow the save, blow the lead, and blow the game.  It was inevitable.

The Girardi defenders will say that Chapman couldn’t pitch after a three-hour delay because his arm was stiff.  That’s hogwash, and it’s just an excuse for Girardi’s overmanaging.   I’d rather see Chapman pitch with a stiff arm than watch Kirby Yates bean two guys in a row.  How does that happen?  Yates is a Single-A pitcher at best, while Chapman is the league’s elite closer.  But Girardi went with Yates.

It’s mind-numbing to watch Girardi hand over free wins to the opponents night after night.   But it’s infuriating to actually KNOW he’s going to do it.

The King of Over-Managing had done it again.   The Clueless Dolt must have bet big on Texas…there is no other reason to bench your elite closer.

And, as usual, Girardi blamed the rain, blamed the umps, blamed A-Rod, blamed everyone except his ignorant self.

Meanwhile, Ichiro is batting .336.   You remember him, right?   The guy who Girardi consistently benched and then was instrumental in kicking to the curb.

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