Joey Girardi Handing Free Victories to Yankee Opponents Again

When Joe Girardi manages lesss, the Yankees tend to win.  When Girardi plays his hunches and relies on his stupid book, the Yankees lose.  It’s that simple.

If a pitcher is doing well, you leave him in the game.  Period.  Period.  If he has thrown 10 pitches or 110 pitches, you leave him in the game when he’s doing well.  Period.  Why why why why why cannot Clueless Joey G. get that?

What is so hard?  IN Sunday’s game, for example, Warren came in and struck out a batter.  Warren was confident and on fire, and he just struck out a batter.  What was his reward?  What did Joey do to get Warren ready for the next batter?  Nothing, Girardi benched him.

When Joey G. stops doing this stuff, the Yanks tend to win.

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