Girardi’s Mistakes Continue Daily, yet Yankees win

In Tuesday’s game vs. the Reds, Joey G. benched Jordan Montgomery in the middle of a two-hittter.     On Wednesday, the clueless oaf benched Luis Severino in the middle of a three-hitter.

These are no typos.  You do not need to consider the score, the situation, or virtuially anything else.   When a pitcher is in the middle of a gem, you ride him until he falters.  That is common sense.

Yet as we know, Clueless Joey G lacks common sense.  The only manager in MLB who benches a pitcher in the middle of a 2-hitter.   yes, we won the games.  But no thanks to that dolt who calls himself our manager.

Meanwhile, when he’s not screwing up his usage of pitchers, he’s benching near-300 hitter Ronald Torreyes in favor of Tyler .126 Wade.   It’s a miracle we’ve been able to scratch our way back into contention with the way Joey G is helping the opponents.

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