It’s going to be a Dreadfully Long Season with Inept Joe Girardi Costing Us Games

Clueless Joe has got to go.

Clueless Joe Girardi is the only man on earth who thinks that some guy named Garrett Jones is a better baseball player than Alex Rodriguez.

Why else would Giradi bench A-Rod in the middle of a crucial and dramatic extra-innings marathon?  The inept and terrible Yankee manager will tell you that he pinch-ran Jones for A-Rod because he wanted more speed on the bases.  But that just shows that Girardi has zero comprehension of how the game was already going.   This game was destined to be a marathon, and we need A-Rod’s bat, not this Jones guy who no one ever heard of.

We now live in an upside-down bizarre world where managers bench a guy in the middle of a two-hitter.

We now live in an upside-down bizarre world where managers bench his best players

After Girardi benched A-Rod (who incidentally already had two hits in the game and is off to a hot start), Jones came up in his spot FOUR times.  FOUR.    That is 4 more at-bats that A-Rod should have had.  4 more chances for him to end the game.  Instead, Girardi thought it was more important to try to get a faster runner in the game.   This logic is further flawed when you talk to the Yankees who say that A-Rod’s speed is fine and that Jones is NOT any faster.

All in all, a terrible move by the Clueless Wonder, who the Steinbrenners keep around for some unknown reason.

A-Rod was only playing DH.  It’s not like he was exhausted from playing shortstop all night long.

He was fresh.  He was fast.  He was hot.

And he was benched.

Clueless Joe has got to go.

Meanwhile, look at Boston.  The Sock manager did NOT bench his best hitter, DH David Ortiz.   Fat Papi rewarded him by blasting an extra-inning home run.  A-Rod might have done the same, but he got benched.  Garrett Jones hit no home runs.

In another baffling move that Yankee fans have seen far too often, that clod Joe Girardi used a backup catcher as a pinch-runner.  Clueless Joe took perhaps the second or third-slowest runner on the team and inserted him as a pinch runnner.  Brian McCann was playing well, and he led off the 18th inning with a double.

What was his reward?  How did Girardi handle the fact that McCann had called an excellent game and just drilled a double?  Girardi benched him, of course.  In comes John Ryan Murphy…for no good reason.

An inning later, Murphy coughed up an easy passed ball that decided the game.

Brian McCann catches 18 innings without a single flaw.  Ryan catches one inning and costs us the game.

We are livid at Murphy for costing us the game, but we are even more furious at that clueless and incompetent manager who foisted Murphy on us.


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