Girardi’s Flawed and Inconsistent Logic Continues to Cost the Yankees Games

As many of you know, we at Yankees Truth think it might be time for a bold move:  firing Joe Girardi and replacing him with someone who simply lets his best players play.  Someone who lets effective pitchers pitch.  Someone who does not tamper with success.   Unfortunately, Girardi continues to fail all these tests.

Girardi remains mum on why he benches a pitcher in the middle of a brilliant performance.

Rather than rant, Yankees Truth prefers to simply state facts.  The last two Yankee losses are absolutely perfect examples of Clueless Joey G’s flawed and inconsistent logic.

In Sunday’s loss to the Twins, Chase Whitley started the game.  He struck out 6 batters in only 5 innings.  One run.  Zero walks.  He was pitched brilliantly.   He had his team in the lead.  So when it was time to start the 6th inning, his manager benched him.  A man who was pitching beautifully for 5 solid innings got benched.

Now look at Monday’s loss to the Mariners.  David Phelps was getting shelled left and right.  After 6 innings,  He gave up 3 walks.  2 runs.  He did NOT have his team in the lead.  So what did Girardi do?  He left an ineffective Phelps in the game to give up 4 more runs.

The these two examples perfectly illustrate the mind-numbingly stupid logic that Yankee fans have to endure from Joey G.  He benches pitchers who are on fire, and he keeps pitchers in the game who are ineffective.  In both cases, Giradi’s decisions cost us the games.

If a pitcher is doing well, leave him in the game.  Period.  Period. Period.

Also, when Ichiro provides your team with 3 of its last 4 RBIs, then keep him in the lineup and move him up higher.   Brett Gardner is now hitting in the .270s and Ichiro is still above .300.  Why is Gardner still leading off?

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