Yankees Bats Go Silent on Saturday

Getting shut out is a terrible feeling.  But getting shut out by a sub-500 team like Cleveland?  Embarrassing.   Let’s hope the Yanks respond with a great game Sunday to make up for this.

Not much to blame Girardi for in this loss.  The bats just weren’t there today.  Let’s forgive, forget, and move on.  Hopefully, we’ll get a laugher tomorrow.

Time for Yankee Offense to Wake Up

Welcome back to Yankees Truth.

We took a few weeks off to get over the sting of the NY Rangers losing the Stanley Cup, and now it’s time for us to return with a vengeance.

The Yankees are in trouble.  They haven’t been hitting well enough to win games.  None of the starters are hitting .300.  Brian McCann is awful, but no one is stepping up to replace him.  Beltran has a few memorable clutch hits, but nothing more.  Joe Girardi uses the same batting order, more or less, instead of trying something new.

It’s all adding up to bad news for NYY.

The pitching staff hasn’t been stellar this year either, but they’re doing what they can.  Losing Sabathia and Pineda has hurt, but lately it’s been the batters who are letting us down.

It’s not too late.  That is great news.

We just got swept by Tampa, but we’re still well ahead of them in the standings.  Boston won’t recover from its slow start.  The Orioles are not for real  Toronto is our only challenge in the AL East, and they are within striking distance.  If…

The NYY must start winning a few more.  We don’t need a 10-game winning streak (that would be nice, but maybe unrealistic).  We’ll settle for a few series wins and a sweep thrown in.

Joe and Dan Girardi Both Blow Games for their New York Teams

Joe Girardi took out Vidal Nuno way way way too early.  As usual, we expect Joe Girardi to take out pitchers who are doing well.

Dan Girardi of the Rangers fanned on a shot.  Twice.  Then fell down.  Then passed the puck to the Kings.  It was a Joe-Girardi-like moment for the usually reliable Dan Girardi.  Let’s hope he overcomes that and makes up for it during Game 2 Saturday.

Nuno wasn’t pitching a gem, but he should not have been yanked either.  In 4 and 2/3rds innings, he only gave up 2 runs and had a 4-2 lead.  Nuno had just given up a sac fly…it’s not like they were shelling him left and right.   He had good stuff.

But instead, Joey G. decided to go with Matt Daley, who promptly gave up 2 runs and gave up the lead.    Girardi then decided to use such luminaries as Matt Thornton, Jose Ramirez, and Wade LeBlanc, all of whom contributed to Oakland putting up 7 runs on us.

Great decision, Joe.  We hope you remember such decisions while you’re unemployed.

Hiroki Kuroda’s Manager Benches him in the Middle of his Brilliant Two-Hitter

Clueless Joe strikes again.   Oakland defeats the Yanks 5-2.

Joe Girardi handed a free victory to yet another opponent with his illogical managerial moves, and it is clearly time for him to be fired.

We now live in an upside-down bizarre world where managers bench a guy in the middle of a two-hitter.

We now live in an upside-down bizarre world where managers bench a guy in the middle of a two-hitter.

 Hiroki Kuroda was pitching great, and he was well on his way to Continue reading

Girardi’s Flawed and Inconsistent Logic Continues to Cost the Yankees Games

As many of you know, we at Yankees Truth think it might be time for a bold move:  firing Joe Girardi and replacing him with someone who simply lets his best players play.  Someone who lets effective pitchers pitch.  Someone who does not tamper with success.   Unfortunately, Girardi continues to fail all these tests.

Girardi remains mum on why he benches a pitcher in the middle of a brilliant performance.

Rather than rant, Yankees Truth prefers to Continue reading

Time for the Yankees to Step it Up

It’s time for the Yankees bats to start thriving.  While the players themselves must accept the blame for so many of them batting under .300, it’s also time for Joe Girardi to change things up to help those players.

We at Yankees Truth are firm believers in “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  So when a player is doing well, he should play.  When a pitcher is doing well, leave him in until his arm falls off.

Joe Girardi does not believe in that.  Instead, Girardi believes that when a pitcher is doing well, take him out and hope the next guy does well too.  Girardi costs us many, many games with that flawed logic.

The batting order that Girardi has been using is NOT doing well.  We are barely above .500 for the season, and Girardi will not shake it up.  Girardi stubbornly leads off with Brett Gardner, and us fans have to watch him strike out all the time.  Enough!

Let Ichiro lead off for a week and see how things go.  Let Jeter lead off.  Heck, let Brian McCann lead off.  Anything!  The one thing you cannot do is to keep the same old lineup and expect different results.  Girardi must be smarter than that.  Shake it up a little, Joe.


Alfredo Aceves Finally Delivers

As many of you know, we at Yankees Truth have come down hard lately on Alfredo Aceves and the manager who keeps putting him into ball games.

But on Monday, Aceves shut us up.  Good for him !   The best way to get Yankees Truth off your back is to go out and perform.  Aceves did just that:  Two clutch innings, and he got the win.  Let’s hope it’s the start of something big for him.