Yankees Back in First Place

The Yankees bats continued to click this weekend as we took the series from Pittsburgh and are back in first place.  Girardi kept his mistakes to a minimum.  Brett Gardner got picked off of third base.   The umpires wouldn’t let Tex have first base after he was beaned.

But the Yankees endured all of that to reclaim the top spot in the AL East.  Next up:  The Cubbies.

Yankees Need to Shake off these Interleague Losses

It’s difficult to blame Joe Girardi for the Yankees’ loss last night. As many of you know, Yankees Truth has come down hard on Brett Gardner, so it was refreshing to see him shut us up and deliver last night. Too bad the pitching staff forgot to show up.

Isn’t there anyone–ANYONE–in Triple-A that we can call up and get rid of Aceves?

Weekend Report…Girardi Hands Two Free Wins to the Brewers

Girardi’s mistakes continue.  Yankee players and fans have to endure Giradi’s repeated blunders.

And it’s going from frustrating to just plain angry.

In Saturday’s loss to the Brewers, Clueless Joe Girardi proved (once again) why he should not be at the helm of the Yankees, or any other team for that matter.

Is Joe Girardi choking himself?


Dellin Betances came in to relieved an injured CC Sabathia.  Betances faced two batters.  He struck them both out.  Just to reiterate, so there’s no chance of any misunderstanding, Betances came in and struck out both batters he faced.

Surely a pitcher who has just struck out two in a row after coming from the bullpen has proven he has his good stuff.  He is red hot and has all his pitches working.  Surely that pitcher deserves to Continue reading

Yankees Win Series from Angels, Torre’s Number 6 Retired, and More

The Yanks won a hard-fought mid-week series against the Angels in California and now move on to Milwaukee.  Does anyone know if the Brewers are in the AL or NL anymore?  It’s like the Astros….every now and then you have to look it up to be sure.

We at Yankees Truth still don’t like the fact that Girardi doesn’t put his 9 best players in the lineup, but we’re happy that the Yanks are winning despite Girardi’s mistakes.

The team announced today that they will retire Uniform #6 in honor of former manager Joe Torre.

Phelps Throws a Gem for Five-plus Innings and Gets Benched by his Clueless Manager

It’s time to fire Joe Girardi. It really is.

Many of our regular readers know that our main problem isn’t the mistakes Girardi makes. He does make many more mistakes than other managers, but that’s part of the game. Mistakes are understandable. Sometimes mistakes are acceptable.

Girardi is speechless when asked why he continues to make Ichiro and his .373 average ride the bench.

But what is NOT acceptable is when Joey Girardi cluelessly refuses to learn from his mistakes. And even more infuriating is that Girardi makes the same mistakes over and over and over again. What does it take for this guy to learn a lesson? What does it Continue reading