PineTarGate 2

Major League Baseball will undoubtedly focus its Michael Pineda investigation on others besides Pineda.  For example, MLB will look into what Joe Girardi knew, if anything.

This is a scary and dangerous precedent.  Why?  Because for many decades, MLB has not sided with the Yankees on many issues.  Pineda will be suspended.  This is justified.  And it should end right there.  But it probably won’t.

This incident is Pine Tar 2.  The first Pine Tar Incident was the famous George Brett tantrum.  As you will recall, Brett used an illegal bat to hit a home run off of Rich Goose Gossage, and the umpires rightfully and correctly called Brett out.  Should have been end of story.  Period.

But no.  The American League President at the time, Lee McPhail (McFAIL), caved in to Brett’s whining and overruled the umpires.  He overruled his own rule book.  He overruled common class and dignity and caved.

The Yankees win the World Series every year in the late 90s??  Okay, let’s create some bogus new rule called the luxury tax to prevent the Yankees from paying its championship players.  Thanks for making up the payroll rules as you go along, MLB.

More recently, MLB paid a shady steroids dealer to talk about Alex Rodriguez.  To this day, there is NO PUBLIC EVIDENCE of A-Rod doing anything wrong.  Think what you want.  Form your opinions.  But America doesn’t convict and punish people based on opinion.  You need to display facts, and MLB still hasn’t done so.  Instead, we get MLB telling us that a sheister drug dealer is telling us the truth, and no one else’s opinion matters.

THAT is a great example of how MLB treats the Yankees.

Again, we at Yankees Truth will accept a fair punishment for Pineda, but let’s hope it stops right then and there without other innocent Yankee players and managers being scrutinized.

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