Time for the Yankees to Step it Up

It’s time for the Yankees bats to start thriving.  While the players themselves must accept the blame for so many of them batting under .300, it’s also time for Joe Girardi to change things up to help those players.

We at Yankees Truth are firm believers in “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  So when a player is doing well, he should play.  When a pitcher is doing well, leave him in until his arm falls off.

Joe Girardi does not believe in that.  Instead, Girardi believes that when a pitcher is doing well, take him out and hope the next guy does well too.  Girardi costs us many, many games with that flawed logic.

The batting order that Girardi has been using is NOT doing well.  We are barely above .500 for the season, and Girardi will not shake it up.  Girardi stubbornly leads off with Brett Gardner, and us fans have to watch him strike out all the time.  Enough!

Let Ichiro lead off for a week and see how things go.  Let Jeter lead off.  Heck, let Brian McCann lead off.  Anything!  The one thing you cannot do is to keep the same old lineup and expect different results.  Girardi must be smarter than that.  Shake it up a little, Joe.


5 thoughts on “Time for the Yankees to Step it Up”

  1. I agree with most of that article except two things: the part where you said “if a pitcher is doing well, leave him in until his arm falls off”. Having that pitcher available in the future is just as important. Robertson threw 30-or so pitches Saturday (or so I’m told) and gave up the lead Sunday as a result. Do you want Betances to throw four innings one day and then be unavailable/bad the next three as a result, and have him/the rest of the bullpen cost the Yankees those games?

    The second is where you blame the hitters for hitting under .300. The Yankee line-up doesn’t consist of nine All-Stars, you can’t reasonably expect that. But we should be able to expect some clutch hits from guys and maybe them hitting a couple pitches into the bleachers, and maybe drive our runners in, instead of hitting grounders into the shift and striking out. To be fair the pitching against us recently has been pretty good for the most part, but we need to be able to score more than 3 runs a game, something we haven’t done since we got back home (correct me if the Yankees scored two in the bottom of the ninth today, I stopped watching).

    The batting order I agree should be different. Gardner has been a decent leadoff hitter, but we need to be bunching up our hits better. The lineup should just be whoever’s hot at the top, whoever’s not at the bottom. Something like this for tomorrow would be great:


    That way maybe we put more of our hits together and get some of our baserunners home.

    And something needs to be done about Aceves. Even in the game against the Cardnails he gave up a fly ball that should have scored the winning run and a couple of line drives the outfielders had to dive for. He’s too easy to hit, he shouldn’t be put into close games.

    1. Nixon has some good points, especially about the batting order. We don’t expect an entire team of .300 hitters, but we can’t have a roster full of .270 hitters either. Pitchers just don’t fear those guys, and we feel it’s the role of the manager to spice things up.
      As for the pitchers and their arms…yes, you have to take some precaution because it’s a long season. But sometimes in close games, it’s worth it. Leave Betances in to secure a win, and then worry about the next 3 games later. Let Chase Whitley pitch a 6th inning when he’s doing so well. Take Phelps out long before he gives up 6 runs. We don’t have all the answers, of course, but Girardi sure doesn’t either.

      1. .270 is much better than what we’ve been getting, I’d be perfectly happy with nine .270 hitters rather than a couple hitting above .300 and then a few hitting .200-240.

        I wouldn’t want Betances pitching four innings under any circumstances. I’d bring in Brendan Ryan to pitch before that. He’s too valuable. It’s tempting to leave him in, and there certainly are advantages to doing so, but Warren and Robertson have been doing alright and I trust them to pitch well almost as much, it’s certainly better than Betances needing TJ surgery.

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