What Does Ichiro Have to do to Get in the Lineup Regularly

The same pesky, stubborn mistakes that Joe Girardi made all of last year are starting to trouble the Yankees again. We don’t mind the mistakes so much as the fact that Girardi refuses to learn from his mistakes. He does not recognized his flawed logic. He stubbornly over-manages instead of using common sense. Continually.

What does Ichiro have to do to gt in the lineup regularly?

Despite batting over .350, Ichiro Suzuki’s manager usually benches him or insultingly bats him 7th or 8th.

First things first, Girardi changes his lineup far too often. There’s an old adage that has never, ever been proven wrong: “Don’t Tamper With Success.” Girardi tampers with success daily. If the Yankees score 10 runs one day, Girardi will change the lineup the next day without fail. If we come up with a huge win against a tough Red Sox team and we have all the momentum in the world, Girardi will throw away that momentum and start with a fresh slate. Different players, different order, different defense. If 9 guys in a certain order put up 6-10 runs for me one day, you bet your life those same 9 guys will be right back out there the next day. They deserve it, and it’s smart.

Now Joey G. will tell you that he does this to get the best matchups and…and…and we want to stop him right there to tell him how wrong he is. He is tampering with success.

Many of you who follow Yankees Truth know that Girardi mis-manages Ichiro, and this year that continues. Very few managers in baseball history have ever buried a .350 hitter down at 8th in the lineup. Even fewer managers have consistently BENCHED a .350 hitter. But that is exactly how Girardi manages Ichiro. Last year, Joey thought that Ben Francisco was a better right-fielder, so Joe gave less and less playing time to Ichiro. When he did play Ichiro, he bounced him all over the lineup, and Ichiro never found consistency. That is the fault of the manager.

This year, however, despite Girardi’s efforts to bench Ichiro and to toy with his spot in the lineup, Ichiro is focused.

If Ichiro can hit .350 when his manager plays him sparingly and bounces him all over the bottom of the lineup, imagine how fearsome he’d be if Girardi just gave him a spot and left him alone.

Another Girardi mistake is not realizing that CC has lost some of his overwhelming stuff. In the Seattle game Tuesday night, CC was getting shelled, but Girardi left him in. And when other pitchers are doing well, Girardi takes them out. Baffling. There is no way that CC should have been our pitcher on opening day. Koroda is far more consistent. Tanaka is an exciting gem.

Now we’re not saying CC is through by any means. He is still among the best, but he’s just not overwhelming anymore. Every single batter, manager, and executive in the American League will tell you that. CC himself would tell you that. The only person who will not tell you that is Joey G.

Stay tuned to Yankees Truth for more on this. We will be unrelenting in the facts we point out.

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