Yankees and Angels Series Preview

The Angels were one team who always seemed to dominate the Yankees in the Joe Torre era, but lately that tide has reversed itself.

There was something about tiny little Angels like Adam Kennedy and Maicer Izturis that perplexed Yankee pitchers.  But lately, with big boys like Albert Pujols joining the Angels in place of the little guys,  Yankee pitching has settled down.

Even last year, when the Yanks fielded a team of journeymen, we were still able to handle the Angels.   So this year we should have an even easier time.

We’ll have to wait and see how this series pans out, but for now, we at Yankees Truth feel the Yanks are in good shape for a sweep.  Or at least to win the series.  Yanks have one of the best records in baseball while the Angels aren’t even a .500 team.  Let’s hope Girardi keeps them that way.

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