Yankees Back in First Place

The Yankees bats continued to click this weekend as we took the series from Pittsburgh and are back in first place.  Girardi kept his mistakes to a minimum.  Brett Gardner got picked off of third base.   The umpires wouldn’t let Tex have first base after he was beaned.

But the Yankees endured all of that to reclaim the top spot in the AL East.  Next up:  The Cubbies.

2 thoughts on “Yankees Back in First Place”

  1. Can’t help but notice you tend to focus on the negatives around here, but I guess it’s human nature to do so. I think I speak for everyone here when I say it’s a good thing there haven’t been too many of those recently.

    Hopefully Tanaka keeps being stellar and Whitley keeps pitching like he did Thursday, and the offense comes alive like they did Saturday, if so we should improve to six of our last seven. I hope that isn’t too many if’s.

  2. Nixon,
    Admittedly, we take a negative outlook when we see things that need correcting, such as Girardi’s frequent mistakes. But we also give credit where it’s due. Last night, we can’t really fault Tanaka because the Yankee bats were not too good. The Yanks also lost the first game against the Mets, but then we turned it around. Let’s hope it’s the same scenario with the Cubs.

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