Cano Comes Back to Yankee Stadium

Many Yankee fans were worried when Robinson Cano greedily took the money and ran all the way to Seattle.   We at Yankees Truth knew we would miss Cano’s production, but we also knew that others could and would step up and fill in.

Traitor Robinson Cano, who left the Yankees in order to get more money, more rain,. and fewer wins in Seattle.

So far, that’s exactly what happened.   The Yankees, sans Cano, are in first place.  The Mariners are in next-to-last place.  The loss of Cano hasn’t hurt the Yankees whatsoever.

While no one can dispute Cano’s numbers, he was rightfully viewed as expendable by the Yankees.  It’s hard to imagine that the Yankees, with all their billions of dollars, would haggle with a guy they really wanted.   The Yanks don’t play that game.  They make generous offers to those they want.  They beat other teams’ asking price.  They get who they want.

The bottom line is that Yankee management must have seen something in Cano that they didn’t like.  Was it the fact that he never ran hard on his ground-outs?  Was it because he nonchalanted the ball when routine grounders were hit to him?  Who knows.

The great news is that the Yankee executives made the right decision, and our status atop the A.L. East attests to that.   Every Yankee fan around the world can have great faith in our executives.

If only Cano had faith in them as well and stayed for a little less money.

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