Yankees Offense Doesn’t Help Tanaka in Cubs Loss

Ichiro Suzuki’s manager allowed him to bat only once last night.   He got on base.   Another perfect night.

What does he have to do to get into the regular lineup?

  • Beltran gets hurt? Girardi benches Ichiro.
  • Ichiro is the team’s leading hitter? Girardi benches Ichiro.
  • Ellsbury’s early-season success is clearly done? Girardi benches Ichiro.
  • Soriano quickly approaching a .200 average? Girardi benches Ichiro?

You get the point.

What does Ichiro have to do to get into a lineup?  You’d think his .360 average this year and his .320 lifetime average would make him a formidable offensive weapon on a team that is struggling a little right now.  But no.   Girardi continues to be the only manager in major league history who routinely benches his team’s leading hitter.

Why, Clueless Joe, why?


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