Yanks on the Verge of Missing the Playoffs again as Girardi Continues to help the Opponents

In Wednesday night’s loss to the Baltimore Orioles, pitcher Michael Pineda was throwing a gem.   Five innings.  Only 2 hits.  Our starter was throwing a two-hitter.   Just in case you didn’t understand, we repeat that our pitcher was in the middle of a two-hitter gem of a game.

So what happened next?  His manager benched him.

Clueless Joe’s decisions continue to strike out and give free victories to our opponents.

Clueless Joey G continues to bench players who are playing outstanding baseball.   He’s been doing it all year long, and it’s killing us.  I’m sure a lot of you Girardi-defenders out there will argue that Joey was simply saving Pineda’s arm, since it was his first game back.   But what is he saving Pineda’s arm for?

Does he have to protect Pineda’s arm for the meaningless September games we’ll have once we’re mathematically eliminated?  Clueless Joey G had a chance to get us right back in the thick of the playoff race, but instead he chose to hand a free victory to the Orioles.

Can you name one other manager in baseball history who removes a pitcher in the middle of a two-hitter?

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