Yanks Overcome Blue Jays and Overcome Girardi to Win

Joe Girardi tried really hard to give away another free win to a Yankee opponent.

Number One, he started Brett Gardner, who promptly rewarded his team with yet another 0-for performance.  He’s now down to batting in the .250s.  Yet Girardi allows him to play every day.

Number Two, Girardi kept Ichiro on the bench again.  Ichiro has the highest batting average on the entire team (except for newly acquired Chris Young), but Girardi doesn’t allow him to play.

Number Three, as usual, Girardi benched a pitcher in the middle of throwing a gem.   Shane Green gave up ZERO runs.   Only 3 hits.   He was pitching his best game of the season, but then his clueless manager came out and removed him.  Bullpen Bum Shawn Kelley then came into the game and promptly gave up two runs, as usual for him.

Luckily, a Blue Jay error in the bottom of the ninth bailed out Girardi.

When teams like the Jays lose, it’s because their best players sometimes make mistakes.   When the Yankees lose, it’s because their best players aren’t even allowed to play.

Yet another reason why Clueless Joe has got to go.

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